Record SCADA processes into VMS

SCADA and manufacturing processes as a video feed in VMS

In a world dominated by digital interfaces, industries are continuously seeking efficient ways to integrate and monitor data displayed on their computer screens. That’s where DeskCamera comes into play. Designed explicitly for recording computer screens into Video Management Systems (VMS) and Network Video Recorders (NVR), DeskCamera ensures that no valuable screen data is lost, offering businesses a comprehensive monitoring solution.

DeskCamera: A Seamless Integration of SCADA Processes with VMS and NVR Systems

DeskCamera is not just another screen recording tool; it is engineered to integrate your computer surveillance with VMS and NVR systems using ONVIF and RTSP protocols. This integration allows for:

  1. Direct Screen Recording into VMS/NVR: Every action, every interface change on your computer screen, including utilities and SCADA processes, gets recorded directly into your VMS and NVR systems.
  2. Webcam Recording: DeskCamera also enables webcam feeds to be integrated into the VMS and NVR, providing a holistic view of both digital and physical environments.
  3. SCADA Process Monitoring: If your operations involve SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems, DeskCamera can record these screens into a VMS, enabling real-time tracking and historical analysis.
  4. Timeline Navigation: Navigate through recordings using graphical markers such as temperature, water levels, or other process-specific indicators. This is possible thanks to the timeline features within VMS and NVR systems.
  5. Comprehensive Monitoring: As SCADA processes are displayed on computer screens and recorded by DeskCamera, all essential system data becomes easily accessible for monitoring and analysis.

Computer Surveillance in Manufacturing and Utilities Management

For sectors like water and power utilities, which heavily rely on real-time data, DeskCamera is a game-changer. Operators can navigate timelines using graphical metrics like water levels or temperature, ensuring quick issue identification and resolution, whether due to equipment malfunctions or human error.

Manufacturing and Production Ensure that every step of the manufacturing process displayed on computer screens is monitored, recorded, and made available for playback within your centralized VMS and NVR systems. This approach guarantees transparency and strengthens quality control mechanisms.

Development and IT Operations DeskCamera can record screens that display diagnostic tools, dashboards, or proprietary software. In the event of system failures or bugs, this extra channel in your VMS system becomes an invaluable resource for root cause analysis.

Beyond Monitoring: Analysis and Improvement DeskCamera’s ability to record SCADA processes directly into VMS and NVR systems means businesses can do more than just monitor operations. They can analyze activities for anomalies or inefficiencies, identify trends, make informed decisions, and improve operations based on both real-time and historical data.

DeskCamera significantly enhances the capabilities of existing VMS and NVR systems by adding computer screens as an additional channel for live viewing, recording, and timeline navigation. Serving as a unified monitoring solution for various industries—from manufacturing to utilities—DeskCamera brings in-depth insights and advanced troubleshooting capabilities right where you need them. Adopt DeskCamera today and elevate your operational oversight to the next level.