PC Surveillance in Healthcare and Education

workplace monitoring in Education and Healthcare

The drive for more efficient operations and enhanced security measures is pushing various industries to adopt innovative technologies. One such technology that is gaining traction in both the education and healthcare sectors is DeskCamera. DeskCamera is a virtual ONVIF IP camera software that offers a way to integrate computer screens into existing Video Management Systems (VMS) or Network Video Recorders (NVR). The software is designed to monitor various activities, offering a comprehensive view of operations. This blog will explore how DeskCamera is being used in the education and healthcare sectors to improve efficiency and security.

Monitoring Student Activity

In the field of education, surveillance monitoring software has long been utilized to maintain a safe and productive environment. DeskCamera takes this a step further by allowing institutions to monitor library computer activity and also allows lecturers to oversee student computer activity during sessions or examinations. The side-by-side integration with other camera‚Äôs video footage via VMS/NVR offers a comprehensive monitoring solution. Moreover, this surveillance setup isn’t merely about oversight; it’s also about student safety. By turning their laptops into security cameras, schools ensure that both physical and digital domains remain secure

Computer Surveillance in Remote Learning

As institutions adopt a more hybrid approach to learning, combining on-site and remote methods, DeskCamera offers a seamless way to monitor activities regardless of location. Schools can even turn their laptop into a security camera, ensuring no additional hardware costs.

Exam Integrity

DeskCamera’s compatibility with ONVIF camera systems ensures a comprehensive workplace monitoring setup that can maintain the integrity of online and offline examinations. With features that allow you to connect the exam computer to CCTV infrastructure, it’s a flexible solution that can adapt to various surveillance needs.

Productivity Surveillance

In healthcare, time is of the essence. DeskCamera enables institutions to monitor the productivity of their staff by capturing how time-management applications are utilized for ward sorting, bookings, reservations, and visitor management.

A Real Scenario: Nursing and Midwifery Labs

But how does this look in a real-world scenario? Let’s dive into a firsthand account from a user in the Nursing and Midwifery sector:

“For our Nursing and Midwifery labs, the monitoring system is vital during student assessments and teaching. The entire setup, supplied by a medical company, includes advanced simulators (life-size manikins with realistic vital signs) and a debrief system. However, when this supplier introduced a costly licensing scheme, we began exploring other alternatives. Our aim was to maintain the real-time display of vital signs on our monitoring screens. This led us to DeskCamera. After a successful test, it appears DeskCamera will be our chosen solution for the new debrief system.”


As shown in the testimonial, DeskCamera not only functions excellently but also offers a cost-effective alternative to other expensive systems. This makes it a pragmatic choice for healthcare facilities looking to optimize their operations without breaking the bank.

In both education and healthcare, DeskCamera serves as a robust screen capture monitoring software via VMS & NVR systems, fulfilling a myriad of needs, from student monitoring to staff productivity analysis. It’s a tool that can adapt to the evolving demands of workplace monitoring. Its compatibility with existing CCTV infrustructure like ONVIF VMS and NVR systems and its ability to connect PC to CCTV makes it a comprehensive solution for both sectors.